Why choose DiscoverDonate?

Our fundamental goal at DiscoverDonate is to change everything with charity forever. No more sad and scary images. No more canvassing. Gone are the same appeals, and themes. Finally, somewhere which empowers you and charities alike. Your chance to find whatever you want, wherever you want, and to donate however you want. It’s a big task, but this is what we love. Our goal is to make the world a happier place and we know we can. We know inherently we all wish to to help and give, we just need an easier way to do it.

We do not charge charities to be on our site. Not a single penny. No set up fees. No monthly fees at all. This means every charity big or very small has the chance to be on our site, and have access to donors from across the world. This means they have more money, time and energy to do their great work.

We are fair, honest and transparent to our users and charities because we love the change we are making to the world. On each donation, we charge a small 6% fee. There is no charge to donate your item, your time as a volunteer or your skill. Nor is there any charge for charities to use our amazing CharityHUB. Not only that, charities on our site keep 100% of GiftAid donations they receive. Any debit card and credit card fees are charged by the payment processing companies at their usual rates.

Wondering what we do with this small fee?

Continue to reach out, run and build DiscoverDonate

Our goal is for every charity across the world to have their profile on our site (even the smallest ones out there). It’s a big task and we know it. This fee helps us to out reach out to these charities, authenticate them and then help build their profile so they can have access to millions of people across the world

Safe and secure payments

Provide safe and secure payments for users and to charities across the world.

Charity Hub

Most do not know this, but we have built a whole area for charities which we call ‘The CharityHUB’. This is completely new for charities and our own innovation. A dedicated newsfeed for every charity out there. Here they can see what time (volunteers), items or specific skills have been donated by you and everyone else. This is provided totally free of charge by DiscoverDonate, but requires a lot of resources to keep up to date and to constantly improve.

The DiscoverDonate experience

Giving you a clean, quick and instant experience to find what you like and donate how you want. We will never spam you, sell or advertise anything or pass on your personal details on to a third party.

Customer Service

Provided a dedicated customer service to answer any questions and help our users, and charities 24/7.

Charity Analytics

Giving charities full access to their data, helping them track and analyse their donations.

Gift aid Management

Organizing Gift aid so charities can get an extra 25% on whatever you donate!

DiscoverDonate is for you and every charity out there.
Let's change everything together.