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Our Mission

At MAIN we support people, not ‘cases’ or ‘numbers’.

MAIN is a registered charity set up in 2002 to provide advice and guidance to parents of children on the autism spectrum in ensuring their inclusion into mainstream school.

Over time, our services have grown and evolved to include a wide range of additional needs and ages. We work with adults, parents, carers and professionals.

How we do it

Got the t-shirt, and proud to wear it.
“Through the journeys we’ve each taken with our own family, we all have first hand experience of living with Autism. We’ve been through the hard times and experienced the positives that come out of embracing our situation and turning it into something positive. These experiences are what drives us to share what we’ve learned and to help others”.

More than just a number.
“Because we know that every person is different, we work with you to make sure we offer reassurance and advice at any stage that’s personally designed for you. Whether this is on a day to day basis or less frequently as children grow up we’re always on hand to help”.

A trusted friend.
“A trusted friend is someone who never lets you down. As a family, we welcome everyone with open arms. We love making sure that those we work with feel comfortable and at ease around us. We know from first hand experience that a shoulder to cry on or a place to vent frustrations is the most valuable thing a friend can offer. The trust we share within our family comes from our shared knowledge of Autism. The experiences we’ve gone through are shared with everyone. To do this shows how we trust each other and those we work with.”

Willing to give it a go.
“Because the world is always changing we constantly adapt what we do and how we do it so that it always feels fresh and new. We love exploring new ways to support and embrace emerging methods.” Heart on our sleeve.