Our Story


We started DiscoverDonate knowing that we as humans inherently want to give, its something we are all born with.  Our hunch was that donating was just not fun anymore.  Everything just seemed to have the same pictures, the same theme, the same appeals – we were giving away money to make our selves feel good, with no real feeling of connection or where it was going.  We felt the idea of charity itself was ready for disruption and we set out to make something easy to use, innovative, and so much more fun for the world. We set out to change how the whole world donates.

It took us 18 months to perfectly piece together and create DiscoverDonate.  We want you to be able to search for what truly matters to you. By a specific cause, a specific location or both.  Then to donate how you want.  With your money, your time, an item or even your skills (we all have a skill right?).  We want everyone to Discover something and then Donate anything.

Just like you, our small team looks at the world and thinks ‘How can we help, if even just a little?’  Nothing was out there that made it truly easy for us to find what we cared about and to let us donate however we wanted – big or small. We did not want to see images that make us feel sad or guilty along the way; the world already has so many obstacles and challenges.  We wanted something that left us feeling happy and rewarded, something for us to keep coming back to.

You now don’t need to put on those running shoes; you can donate how you want instantly.  Its all here, in one place finally.

We hope you love the site like we do. This site is for you and the rest of the world, to finally make your mark.

Moneeb Ahmad
Founder of DiscoverDonate